Enrique L. Sada Diaz de León


To improve our products, processes and services continuously in order to offer quality, good prices and timely attention to our customer; to contribute to the human, professional and economical development of our personnel; and, furthermore, to achieve our social responsibility for the preservation of a healthy environment.

We serve our clients

The challenge to keep a balance between a multiple and diversified claim, and the demand to maintain qualified levels in our products and services has been faced by PQ Roda efficiently thanks to the team work of our collaborative staff.

Besides coordinating by radio a modern transportation fleet, PQ Roda has strengthened its distribution system through the installation of high-volume storage in our clients’ facilities has strengthened our distribution system. Through this procedure, the logistic cicle is shortened, making it fluent a timely delivery and decrease in handling cost.

In order to offer a diversified service, PQ Roda has started the field of chemical specialties, by creating a new division, PQ Roda/Balducci, formulators of high quality products for the textile industry.

Not withstanding the variations of a highly competitive market, the commercial strategies of Roda´s specialists have guaranteed in time and cost, a qualified product for its users, and consequently, and outstanding position for the company in the productive field.

The continuos observance of the proceedings to optimize security in the mangement of a wide range of products, as well as technical assistance, just-in-time service and a flexible commercialization policy have set up the basis of its success.

To protect the environment is part of our job. Everyday PQ Roda is devoted to search for new products that are technologically pollution free. To achieve this goal, they are connected with Chem Net and the data banks of utmost importance in the chemical industry.

The expansion of its foreign market has taken PQ Roda to develop innovations that will improve its operative structure right at the start of XXI century.

Therefore, when we state that Seriousness is a good business, we really mean it.

Our values:

Qualified service.


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